Student housing complex tries to cover up crime

By: Ebonee Burrell | Editor in Chief

Students are concerned with the lack of safety precautions taken at the off-campus student housing complex, The District. Three USA student residents were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement after a break-in that took place in their home earlier this month, leaving them without irreplaceable valuables. 

Sophomore Anne Hadaway explained how she got to her apartment and discovered her things rummaged through and missing items. A week before, Hadaway received an email from The District to inform its residents about maintenance workers entering and leaving apartments to prepare rooms for future residents. 

When Hadaway went to management, they told her that they could replace what was missing but soon realized a lot of what was taken could not be replaced. 

“It was just things that they didn’t even have any right to take,” Hadaway said. “My grandmother recently passed away, and they took all of the jewelry and photos she left behind, so I was just very upset and confused on why this happened.”

Hadaway and her roommates wanted out of their lease but couldn’t do so unless they signed a non-disclosure agreement, meaning they couldn’t tell anyone about the incident if they sign. They were eventually let out of their lease, hoping that the safety concerns will soon be addressed and not kept private. 

“These aren’t isolated incidents, they’re repeated and they’re not taking any measures to fix it, Hadaway said, “and it makes it seem like they don’t care about our personal safety at all.”

Senior Tamera Fletcher came forward to agree she feels unsafe staying at The District after the lack of initiative she received from management when her car was broken into earlier this month. She feels that ensuring safety for residents should be a top priority. 

“There’s just so much traffic from other people that don’t live here and they come at all hours of the night,” Fletcher said. “Most of the time people prop the gates open so whoever can come in and a lot of the gates don’t even lock so my safety is a big concern while living here.” 

The Vanguard has reached out to The District on the situation but declined to make a statement.