Students Disappointed with New Traffic Rules

By: Ebonee Burrell | Editor in Chief

USA students are not satisfied with the new traffic rules and regulations made over the summer by parking services. Changes were made to several roads and parking lots including the areas of humanities, gamma/beta, USA Traffic Circle, and North Drive. 

The parking system is divided into designated zones which are effective Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m – 3:45 p.m. Students are only permitted to park in the white spaces with their corresponding pass whenever they are on campus. When parking rules are violated then it could be a ticket up to $200. 

“Parking somehow gets worse every year,” said senior Andrew Wallace, “and adding more buildings on this campus is just going to make parking here even more congested.”

The Humanities lot is now a one way directed lot. There is only one entrance and exit and all lanes are one way. The north entrance is now closed and the south entrance is “Entrance Only” and the center driveway is “Exit Only”.

“I understood what they were trying to do with the traffic flow, but I feel like they made it worse,” said senior Sam Hudson. “They haven’t added any more parking spots that are convenient for students.”

Other changes that were made consists of license plate recognition. Cars will be identified by the license plate so there will be no more backing in or pulling through spaces otherwise they will be ticketed. Residents are not allowed to park in zoned parking lots with their residential passes. They are encouraged to use other alternatives to get to class such as walking, biking, or using the Jagtran to leave spaces for commuters. 

Students with balances of over $200 in their parking account will not be allowed to register for the following semester until it is paid off below that balance. For more information on parking and changes that were made on campus visit