Students Trade T-Shirts for Jag Gear

By: Hayden Cordova | Lifestyle Editor

You’re getting ready for your first day of college classes at South, digging through your dresser for just the right outfit to find that your only collegiate shirts are from a different college. The T-Shirt trade encourages students to bring their old collegiate shirts and trade them in for a South Alabama shirt, free of charge.

The T-Shirt trade took place on Wednesday, Aug. 21 outside of Meisler Hall.

For those who have transferred from other colleges, finding Jag spirit is complicated if the only thing left to wear is outdated. The T-shirt trade is part of the One Stop @ South program. It was one of several events that took place across campus, collectively known as the Week of Welcome.

“As part of the One Stop @ South program, we hope to someday expand the pop-up shop into a permanent location on campus,” said Julie Schmidt, member of One Stop @ South.

Student staffed tents all around campus offered water and other amenities for fresh students such as pamphlets, trinkets, and other Jag themed paraphernalia.

“We think it’s a really good way for students to get familiar with the campus and feel more welcome here at South,” said Autumn Courtney and Dallas Smith, students who ran the T-shirt Trade tent.

The T-shirt Trade is hosted every year to ensure students don’t miss the opportunity to get more Jag gear.