The Alec and Roy Thigpen Photography Collection Exhibit Grand Opening

By: Abby Russ

Photo By: Michael Dunn | Photographer

On September 7, the Marx Library opened the Alec and Roy Thigpen Photography Collection Exhibit. Originally created by his father, Roy Thigpen, Alec Thigpen took over the company to finish what Roy started. Alec came to the Marx Library to present his and his father’s work from the past 75 years.

Thigpen showed the rich history of the company, which stemmed from a charming love story between his mother and father. His parents, Roy and Virginia, started the photography company together. Alec shared that they went on to start up a business in this very city. 

“New Orleans just had too many photographers on State Street,” Alec stated. 

Lucky for them because Roy went on to become the only master photographer in the Mobile area for his time.

75 years and 1.5 million photos later, their work is shown all over Mobile. Without even realizing it, you have more than likely spotted it around the area. From taking pictures for Murphy High School, the RSA tower, and GulfQuest Museum, to Mobile’s beautiful waterfront, they have been able to document all of our amazing history. 

Come by and see some of these photos documented by this father and son duo from September 7 to October 28 located in the Rodning Gallery on the third floor of the Marx Library.