“The End is the Beginning” Going Strong

By: Hayden Cordova | Lifestyle Editor

Over the course of the fall semester, students of  JagTV have produced an ongoing television series called “The End is the Beginning.” Broadcasted over JagTV 61.1 and posted to the JagTV YouTube channel, the series follows the adventures of Edward and Olivia as they travel through a post-apocalyptic world.

The series first began filming in early September, with its first episode airing on Sept. 11, and has since produced four episodes on a bi-monthly production schedule. Although many of the students involved major in the media department, students from a wide variety of backgrounds and majors have contributed to the production through directing, acting, writing, or technical assistance.  

Writer, director and series creator Francisco Cordova went into detail about the show’s conception and the reasoning behind the structuring of the show.

“One of the main reasons I wanted to do a series was so that we could really focus on working on a realistic level of professionalism,” said Cordova. “Since most of us are interested in a career revolving around film, I felt that if we stuck to a tight production schedule, it would give us an outlet to field test the skills we learn about filmmaking and the process that goes into it.  We don’t really have any budget other than what we put into it, so a post-apocalyptic type of setting fit really well with the resources we have to work with, and the semi-anthologized story allows us to rotate cast and crew so that everyone gets a shot at working the position they want.”

Tiffany Smith, who helped as a guest actor on the upcoming fifth episode, talked about her experience with working on the show.

“To me, being able to work with the show – the crew and the actors – is a privilege,” said Smith. “I first heard about ‘The End is the Beginning’ early on in the fall semester when I met Francisco Cordova and Charles Flowers in our Intro to TV Production class. They told me they were working on a show for JagTV and asked if I wanted to act in one of the episodes. I gladly accepted the opportunity and had a lot of fun with the role.”

With episode seven of “The End is the Beginning” planned to be the finale, Cordova discussed his thoughts on the future of the show.

“There’s a lot of ideas we have that we could use to continue “The End is the Beginning” with a second season,” said Cordova, “but we want to give the show a satisfying conclusion that wraps everything up and move on to different projects. It keeps things fresh if we come up with something new, and I’m very excited to bring what we learned from “The End is the Beginning” into our next series, which we’ll start working on in the spring semester.”

Although “The End is the Beginning” will come to a close, Smith expressed her desire to be involved with whatever the future brings.

 “I’d be happy to help with anything they plan to do,” said Smith. “Working on the show gives great insight into the film and television world, regardless of its budget.  But beyond that, I came into this semester not knowing anybody, and it makes me feel good that this group accepted me and felt that they could trust me with an acting role. The friendships I’ve created are so valuable. It isn’t about the fame and fortune at this stage; it’s about the experiences and memories made along the way.”