The Haunted Bookstore

By: Hayden Cordova | Lifestyle Editor

With Halloween rapidly approaching, the USA Bookstore allowed students and employees to take over the bookstore for a night on Saturday, Oct. 5 and set up the Haunted Bookstore.

Open to students and non-students alike, the event offered a wide variety of activities, including food, games, and prizes.  The main feature of the Haunted Bookstore was a haunted maze structured around several aisles of textbooks populated by clowns, zombies, and more costumed actors coming from a wide variety of backgrounds.

“For the actors involved in the maze, we have some actors from the drama department, some volunteers from sororities and fraternities on campus, as well as some employees from the store,” said Hannah Lyner, the event planner and a cashier for the USA Bookstore.

 Though the guided maze was intended to give a good scare to those entering, there was also a milder, kid-friendly route available to take.

 Chary Mills, one of the costumed volunteers greeting attendees at the door and helping with food and games discussed why she was drawn to the event.

 “I’m doing this as a part of the National Society of Leadership to fill some community service hours, but I never really was able to celebrate Halloween as a kid, so I’m really excited to be a part of this and I’m enjoying it a lot.”

 The event was a debut for the bookstore and those involved hope to carry out more themed holiday events in the future.