The Struggle is Real: Balling on a Budget

By: Diamond Taylor | Contributing Writer

It’s 11 p.m. on a Friday night, the cafe is closed, your car has no gas, and your bonus bucks have run out. You’re tired, stressed, and hungry. You may regret spending $15 on that shirt instead of buying food to put in your fridge; you’re not alone. 

Students know that it costs an arm and a leg to attend school these days much more than when our parents and grandparents attended. We have extra expenses to consider now like; increasing gas prices, textbooks, and food, etc.

However, most people don’t acknowledge the purpose and importance of making a budget.

Kenyatta Peoples, a finance major, has a breakdown of how she budgets her expenses:

“My budgeting is mainly dependant on if I have a job, and how my paychecks come in…Depending on the amount, I try to spread out $50 much as possible when it comes to groceries. When it comes to gas I try to fill it up when I can. And of course have some if I want to do extracurricular activities and at the same time making sure I’m not going overboard or crazy.“

Living on campus has its own set of priorities and issues. Budgeting is something that is beneficial to learning before starting college.

“They have a lot more things now that we didn’t have growing up. They have this app that helps you with your finances. I feel like that’s something highschoolers, juniors and seniors especially should learn or at least get a sense of understanding for it.” 

Living life off-campus is just as tedious to maneuver around a budget just. Maya Leonard, a biology major, shares her perspective when it comes to budgeting difficulties:

 “Now that I’m off campus it’s a necessity. I had a savings account and was stretching it. I have to pay rent, I have to pay for gas, and pay for groceries now since I don’t have a meal plan. If I was talking to my younger self, I would definitely tell her when we had all of those budgeting assimilations in class and people would come and try to help us out, pay attention. Don’t get bored halfway. Give yourself a chance to make it.”