The Unity Project Promotes What Brings Us Together

By: Kaytlin Thornton | Contributor

Photo by: Lauryn Gunn | Photographer

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) recently held an interactive art demonstration in collaboration with Mobile United. The project aimed to highlight the things that tie people together, rather than the things that divide. 

The Unity Project consisted of 32 large posts, each one giving an identifier such as, “I am a Student,” or “I am a parent.” Participants of the project were instructed to look at the list of identifiers and tie yarn to the posts that they felt represented them, creating a colorful web with other participants and showcasing that we are all connected by something. 

The yarn is representative of the things that tie people together. It intertwines with others to create an interconnected web, and we are given a visual example of how it is our diversity that creates a strong and vibrant community. 

Chris Coleman, a graduate assistant working on the project spoke about its purpose, “We basically wanted to promote the things that we had in common here on campus and in our community, rather than our differences.” 

The Unity Project is a collaboration with Mobile United, a local non-profit organization that focuses primarily on servant leadership and community development. Members of the organization were also on campus assisting with the demonstration, including Brittany Gagliano.

“We hope highlights everyone’s individual uniqueness, but also how their uniqueness plays a role in creating a really vibrant community as a whole,” Gagliano said, “It really shows you how connected and how many similarities there are among people that are on South’s campus.”

Gagliano also spoke about how there is a lot of divisiveness in the world right now and hoped that the Unity Project could help bring to light the similarities people have to each other, and how it is those things that make us stronger. 

“What makes us similar is a lot greater than what divides us.”