The University of South Alabama: Home Away From Home

By: Ebonee Burrell | Editor in Chief

Last week, new and returning students moved into their new apartment or dorm to attend the University of South Alabama.

What’s it like having a new home away from home? Whether you’re coming from across the country or 15 minutes away, being away from home means finding your new comfort zone and exploring new things to help you become acquainted in a new lifestyle.

It is a lot of mixed emotions endured by students as they say goodbye to family and friends and hello to new friends and their new beginning.

“It’s scary, but really exciting. I do have a lot of different feelings,” said Hannah Lord from Biloxi, Mississippi.

South Alabama kicked off its Week of Welcome and Beyond on Aug. 17. It is two weeks full of events designed to help show new freshman and transfer students where they belong at South Alabama. The Week of Welcome and Beyond provides the opportunity for students to get involved in their areas of interest and meet new people.

“It’s interesting, something new. But I know I am going to enjoy this new milestone in my life,” said Jordan Beaton from Selma, Alabama.

Students prepare to start the new school year on Tuesday, Aug. 20, as they become acquainted with their new home while away from home.