The Vanguard Tries: Mardi Gras-Themed Food

By: Amelia Rose Zimlich | Editor in Chief |

Photos by: Michael Dunn | Photographer

When people think of Mardi Gras food, two things come to mind: king cake and Moon Pies. The staff at The Vanguard decided to try these things and few other less conventional Mardi Gras foods to let you know what’s worth trying and what’s not.

Zapp’s King Cake Puffs

When we tasted these, we came up with all sorts of food comparisons: Kix cereal, Cap’n Crunch, Taco Bell cinnamon twists, cheese puffs. King cake wasn’t very high up on that list. Don’t get us wrong, they weren’t bad. Various members of staff described them as “conflicting,” but one of our contributors said despite this, there was still hope for them. Our feature editor said they would be great for a Mardi Gras party.

Moon Pies

What can we say? Moon Pies are a Mardi Gras classic! The staff had banana and chocolate ones, but really, every flavor is worth trying. No, we did not microwave them or put peanut butter on the banana ones. But if you want to elevate your Moon Pie experience, we hear those are popular methods. Rather not buy them? Go to a parade and yell, “Throw me something, mister!” They’ll know what you mean.

Abita King Cake Soda

This soda looks festive and sounds delicious. It definitely had the potential to taste like liquid, carbonated king cake. But we all agreed that it tasted more like cinnamon soda than king cake soda. There wasn’t anything creamy to balance out the flavor and the carbonation with the cinnamon made it extra spicy. Again, it wasn’t a total fail, but it wasn’t exactly what we had hoped.

Alessi Bakeries King Cake

We thought this king cake was really good. It wasn’t dry (dry king cakes are like sweet bread…not a fan) and it had a great flavor. One of our photographers said it tasted like a cinnamon roll with sugar on top. These cakes are available at Publix, so go try one for yourself!

Blue Bell Mardi Gras Ice Cream

Our feature editor said that this ice cream was better than king cake. It’s a bold statement, but our staff can confirm that it isn’t an exaggeration. This ice cream has pieces of pastry and swirls of cream cheese and cinnamon in it. Out of all the things listed in this article, this is something you need to try. It was so festive and delicious!

Whatever you try (or don’t try) during the Mardi Gras season, we hope you have an amazing one!