Tik Tok: South Alabama Cheerleader’s Clock to Fame

By: Keylee Fillingim | Contributing Writer

Caleb Landry, 20

Throughout the last year, Tik Tok has quickly become the app that is getting everyone in front of the camera attempting to reach a level of fame. With nearly half a million followers and 5 million likes, Caleb Landry, a 20-year-old cheerleader at South, quickly began his journey to Tik Tok stardom. 

Gaining about 18,000 followers a week, Landry has made a name for himself on Tik Tok with 440,000 followers to date, 5.2 million likes and 93 videos. 

On Oct. 8, Youtuber of 4 million followers, Cody Ko, mentioned Landry in his video, COUPLE’S CRINGE: e-boys, which has 7 million followers to date. COUPLE’S CRINGE is a series where Cody Ko and girlfriend Kelsey Kreppel get together and comment on topics that make them cringe for a video. The couple commented on “e-boys” of Tik Tok, boys who typically dress in skater clothes, paint their nails black and wear a single earring. 

Landry’s video is seen in the middle of the Youtube video doing a trending dance to song Gordon Ramsay by HL Wave feat. Jhonny Flames, captioned “I tried to hop on the trend #fyp #foryou”

Landry is shown wearing a t-shirt and athletic sweatpants, but then his shirt disappears. Different than a typical “e-boy,” the couple noticed this and called Landry a mix between a jock and f*ck boy.  “He is a J-boy,” said Cody Ko, combining the two terms. The couple then compared Landry’s jawline to the Lego mini-figure.

“I did not really think much about it besides ‘Wow, he knows who I am,’” Landry commented about the video.

After being mentioned on Cody Ko’s video, Landry’s following began to grow. Hundreds of fans comment and tag Landry in posts regularly trying to gain attention from the now Tik Tok heartthrob.  

“I have been put in contact with hundreds of creators through the app, and others I have come to know,” said Landry. “My favorite thing is all of the support from my following and people that do not know me can still like what I make and get enjoyment out of it.”

Unlike most people on Tik Tok, Landry does not want to limit his content to a specific aspect. 

“It’s more artistic and doing trends in my own way,” said Landry. “I get my ideas throughout the day and use them when I get free time.”

Making viral videos is only part of the many things Landry is committed to as a 20-year-old student. Landry Spends his days serving the community as a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity and supporting his Jags as a South Alabama Cheerleader. 

“I try to eliminate the stigma behind fraternities by doing the most I can for our community and school,” said Landry.

Landry’s family and friends like to joke around about his Tik Tok following, but he knows he has thousands of people, including friends and family, supporting his success. 

Friend and fraternity brother Trey Taylor, 20, shared that he likes to joke about Landry’s success but he is proud of the following he has gotten. Landry and Taylor met when Landry was pledging Pi Kappa Phi, and Taylor soon became his big brother in the fraternity. 

“I watch his videos on occasion, typically to make fun of him,” Taylor joked. “I am proud of his success, and it’s impressive the amount of follows he has gotten.” 

When it comes to creating viral content, being a student-athlete and a member of Pi Kappa Phi, Landry knows it takes time and dedication to achieve his goals. 

“It is a lot to handle but priorities and time management play a big part in doing so much,” Landry continued, “but ultimately I just do what makes me happy.” 

Follow Landry as he continues to grow his following.

Instagram: caleb.landry

Tik Tok: thecaleblandry