Tra Minter has a chance to continue football legacy in the NFL

By: Michael Hanich | Sports Editor

After every college football season, some of the top seniors and underclassmen look to achieve their dreams of playing in the NFL. The NFL Draft is an annual event where all 32 NFL teams participate in a seven-round selection process where they select a player from college based on position needs, potential, and impact on the team.

For some schools like Alabama or Ohio State, it can be easy for them to get some of their players selected to the NFL Draft. For other smaller schools like South Alabama, it can be nearly impossible unless they have a player with special talent or outstanding attributes as a player.

The Jaguars have encountered one of their players being selected in the NFL Draft. That player was former two-year star tight end Gerald Everett when he selected by the Los Angles Rams in the 2017 NFL Draft in the second round with the 44th overall pick. The Jaguars also have undrafted players become successful players in the league like former safety Jeremy Reaves, who has played in 11 games and started in three of them in his two seasons.

It will take much for an NFL team to take a chance on a high-power running back like Tra Minter from a Sun Belt Conference team that severely underperformed in the standings. Minter’s film highlights can speak on the electrifying playmaker that he is on the field. In his three-year career with the Jaguars, Minter has rushed for 2,199 yards and 12 touchdowns on 483 carries. He was also an impact player in the passing game by accounting for 77 receptions for 657 yards and a touchdown.

His senior season was one of the best single-season performances in Jaguars’ program history. He rushed for 1,057 yards and five touchdowns on 193 carries while catching 32 receptions for 209 yards. Minter finished first in program history for single-season rushing yards accounted for and third in career rushing yards.

Minter finished his career with the Jaguars with great performances in his 36 games played and 28 starts despite the team struggled for wins. He displayed great attributes as a potential professional running back in the NFL while playing for the Jags. Some of his greatest perks as a running back include his breakout speed, ability to make significant moves to make defenders miss, patience to wait for his offensive linemen to make their blocks, great chance of direction, and finally, his receiving skills make him versatile as a playmaker.

There are many traits that Minter will need to work on for a team to take a chance on him and invite him to a mini-camp practice setting. His immediate speed will be something that teams would like to see in a versatile running back. His small size will be a small caution in terms of his durability when playing with much bigger opponents.

CBS Sports currently has Minter as the 549th top prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft class as well as #48 of all running backs. has Minter ranked as the 45th top running back in the draft class. Minter is currently projected to go undrafted, which is something that is common for highly established players coming out of universities in the Sun Belt or MAC.

If he does go undrafted, he can earn a chance to be picked up as a free agent for an NFL team and participate in training camp. If Minter endures the tests of all rookies and undervalued veterans and shows out, he can earn either a spot on a 55-man roster spot or a 14-man practice squad on a team when the 2020-2021 regular season is expected to start normally in the first full week of September.