Two down, two to go

By: Ebonee Burrell | Editor in Chief

It’s already time to take midterms, which seems highly suspicious because every day still feels like routine students are forced to follow. However, it feels incredible to say that we’re halfway to finals. 

Learning this semester is now a questionable verb, especially during these times, because zoom classes feel optional due to the lack of motivation running through our veins. What doesn’t immediately register is that our professors leave an impact after every class. 

Taking Spanish classes five days a week gets me every time because every day, I ask myself why I would sign myself up for a challenge this big. Teaching myself a new language from home is very difficult, given the circumstances. But recently, something happened that made me realize I’m not exactly wasting my time and energy. 

The other day, my mother asked me a question, which I answered with confidence, and then she gave me a blank stare as if she was still waiting for a response. I couldn’t help but laugh when I realized that I naturally answered her question in Spanish. That’s something I would have never been able to do without the help and practice from the courses I am enrolled in today.

Although it only feels like we submit assignments every day before 11:59 p.m. just to receive the grade, you’ll be surprised at the amount of information that sticks in your brain for you to use in a time when needed. Now that the semester is halfway completed, it’s time to finish out strong and continue for that perfect GPA. 

2020 is a continuous downward spiral for most of us, but making it thus far in the year feels like more than a blessing in disguise. Because tomorrow’s not promised, it’s good to always reflect on the legacy you’ve created today.