USA Animation Association Hosts Encanto

By Gracie King | Feature Editor |

Grab some popcorn and find your seats – it’s movie time! This past Wednesday, March 23, the Animation Association at South presented the Oscar-winning Disney original animated feature film, Encanto, at the Visual Arts Complex. 

With a total run time of an hour and 39 minutes, both students who had seen the movie and those who hadn’t remained entranced by the vivid colors, memorable songs, and alluring animation.

Though Grace Richardson, an Art History major and president of the Animation Association, was among those who had seen the movie before, she was animated with delight to gather her club and watch her lessons come to life. 

“For people who are majoring in animation, we can help each other learn and share our art,” Richardson said. “If you’re just into animation and enjoy watching it, that’s what we do the movie nights for, just so we can all get together and enjoy something that we all love.”

While there were only about 10 animation fanatics who came to support the club and relax while watching a movie with their friends, the discussions of art and animation styles and methods that followed after were enlightening to those who may not know a lot about animation.  

Animation major and USAAA Secretary Anna Sirk-Morato is currently in the pre-thesis stage of her major and enjoys kicking back with club members and discussing the various different facets of animation presented in movies. 

“You can usually see a lot of things whether or not you learned it or just things you use in art in general throughout movies,” Sirk-Morato said. “I think one of the best parts is looking at concept books or other developments later on because it’s interesting to see what got cut and what made it into the movie.”

Encanto, the recipient of the Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score at the 2022 Academy Awards, has been described as a groundbreaking new form of animation that strays beautifully from Disney’s usual style. 

Laura Wolfensberger, also an Animation major and Secretary of the club, finds comfort in the movie and game nights that the club hosts.

“We’re a growing club and we do host a lot of movie and game nights, pretty much every month, to showcase animation,” Wolfensberger said. “Look out for those in the Daily Digest and we also have our animation Discord. If you ever wanna join, just let one of the officers know, and we’ll be happy to let you in!”

The Animation Association will be hosting their next movie night on April 20th at the Visual Arts Complex – this time, with a classic Studio Ghibli production, Ponyo.