USA announces changes to tuition and fees for the upcoming year

By: Ebonee Burrell | Editor in Chief

For the second year in a row, USA students will see no increase in tuition for the 20-21 academic year. On June 5, the Board of Trustees approved the recommendation to keep tuition and fees at its current level.

However, changes will be made to dining rates and meal plans for students. 

Due to the pandemic, a lot of challenges have been created for many operations on campus, including the USA Dining Hall. As a resolution to the issue, a 2.5% increase in meal plan rates will be applied to the total and several changes will be made to how things will now operate. 

To keep students safe and minimize the spread of germs, dining employees will now serve food to students, utensils will switch to disposable, dining hours will be reduced and the capacity will be cut in half. 

“The University of South Alabama is sensitive to the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on so many of our students and their families. We believe this is the prudent decision at this time,” USA President Dr. Tony Waldrop said.

This increase is necessary because of the modifications that must be made to dining operations in response to COVID-19. 

Even with this increase, South Alabama tuition and rates remain among the lowest for colleges and universities in the State of Alabama.