USA Muslim Student Association Holds First Picnic at SGA Pavilion

By Stephanie Huynh | Contributor |

Photo by: Andrew Bryant | Photographer

The university’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) held their first picnic at the SGA Pavillion on Nov. 19. Though it was a chilly afternoon, there was plenty of good food and friendly energy to keep everyone warm as the evening went on.

A large crowd of people was already present and they were eager to mingle by the event’s start time of 4 p.m. Despite having to wait for utensils to arrive before everyone could eat, participants were in high spirits. There were different board games out to play, and amusing races to join in on throughout the evening. Guests were encouraged to line up for things like a three-legged race and an egg-and-spoon race.

As far as food goes, the MSA did not disappoint. The dishes ranged from hummus and pita to seasoned beef and chicken, but Hungry Howie’s pizza also made an appearance on the spread.

The university’s website states, “Our MSA members work together to organize fun events with the purpose of clearing up common misconceptions and starting important conversations that show that Islam is a religion of peace, unity, understanding and faith in God. We strongly believe that the only way to create understanding and acceptance between each other is through honest, open-minded conversations.”

Prior to COVID-19, the MSA hosted things like Eid dinners, fundraisers, discussions with panelists and other social events. This picnic marked the organization’s return to the normalcy of a pre-pandemic time.

According to their Instagram page, MSA’s first picnic was an overall success and they hope to see the continued support from the school community.