USA to add Coca-Cola vending machines that accept Jag Cards

By: Marissa Mason | Managing Editor

New vending machines are coming South’s campus and not only will they be filled with Coke products, but students can also use their Jag Cards to purchase them.

The vending machines are a part of USA’s plan to become a Coca-Cola campus and will also accept cash and non-cash payments such as debit, credit, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

“USA will be signing a multi-year agreement with Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Inc. making the Birmingham-based company the exclusive beverage provider for the University,” Auxiliary Services Assistant Vice President Christina Cleveland said in an email to USA students. “The partnership includes financial support for student scholarships, campus and academic programs, student engagement, campus capital improvements and on-campus recycling, among other benefits.”

According to the email, Coca-Cola will be installing three new vending machines on campus this week. During Spring Break, USA aims to be fully converted to a Coca-Cola campus, with “vending machines, fountains and coolers installed throughout USA-owned and managed facilities.”

USA will have a launch party in March to celebrate its transition from Pepsi to Coca-Cola.