Welcome Almost Home: South Students Living in Hotels While The Landing Finishes Construction

By: Sydney McDonald | Managing Editor

The University of South Alabama’s growing campus size has brought many new housing options in the last few years. Along with the new school year came a new type of housing for the university community. The Landing at South is South Alabama’s first student homes. With 3-4 bedroom options, they are described as “upscale student housing.”

As most off-campus living goes, the construction of the houses is quick to get students in as soon as possible. With the promise to be opened for the start of the 2019 Fall semester many eager students signed their leases throughout the previous months leading up.

Residents of The Landing spent the summer preparing to move into their brand new homes, while not receiving much information from the management team regarding the move-in process. Move-in was set for August 17 but those plans changed in the weeks before.

In early August residents got an email saying that progress was being slowed due to issues getting the appliances delivered and installed.

“They sent out an email saying they were working on getting hotels and storage units for everybody,” said Taylor Soucy, a resident of The Landing.

Move-in day came and The Landing had provided hotels for everyone to stay at while construction on their houses finished up as they had promised, but no storage units.

“When we got there I asked where I needed to put my stuff expecting to take it to the storage unit and they just told me to bring it to the front, and they just shuffled it into the leasing office,” said Soucy, “Everyone’s stuff is just in piles in the leasing office except people that decided to pay for a storage unit.”

Soucy says that though the management team is providing hospitality for the inconvenience their transparency is lacking.

“It feels like things aren’t always adding up, but I feel like they are doing the best they can to try and help the situation.”

Students did receive their first month’s rent for free, but many students are wondering how long this will last and if the hospitality will continue. The Vanguard has reached out to The Landing’s management team for an interview or comment but we have not received a response back at the time of publication.