Welcome Back to Campus

By: Amelia Rose Zimlich and Gracie King

Photo Source: University of South Alabama

The whir of JagTrans and the familiar ringing of Moulton Tower are bringing the back-to-school frenzy to a head as South students begin classes this week. 

For some, the return is long-awaited after COVID-19 restrictions kept many students and faculty from in-person instruction during the last few semesters. Though there are still many regulations in place this semester, students are eager to resume their studies on campus and get back to extracurricular activities and going to events. 

“This year, I’m super excited to be a part of the Rock Climbing Club and meet new people,” said Heather Inman, a third-year biomedical science major. Many clubs and organizations are looking forward to adding members to their ranks and proceeding with normal activities this semester. 

For others, however, their fresh start in Mobile is just beginning. Freshmen will be on campus for the first time this fall and sophomores who spent a majority of their freshman year in Zoom classes will have the chance to take advantage of everything that South has to offer.

“I’m excited to meet everyone at South and be able to learn more about the subjects I’m passionate about,” said Julius Zimlich, who is an incoming freshman. “I can’t wait to get involved in the student organizations!”

For freshmen, the first few weeks of class can feel a little overwhelming, especially as they get used to being away from home. Luckily, there are many resources available throughout campus and on social media to help with the transition. The University of South Alabama Facebook page can offer anything from coffee shop recommendations to discounted textbooks, as well as news and updates from the university.

The Week of Welcome also offers great opportunities to meet new people, find your way around campus and be introduced to various clubs and organizations.