Welcome Home, USA Alumni

By: Ebonee Burrell | Editor in Chief

The grand opening and ribbon cutting of The MacQueen Alumni Center was held today in front of the building. Hosted by the USA National Alumni Association, this new facility will serve as a home for all USA alumni and a venue for many alumni association events. 

Students, faculty, and the community crowded around, along with several alumni, to join the celebration of the newest building on campus. The event began at 2 p.m. and was followed by an open house and refreshments in the ballroom. 

The MacQueen Alumni Center will be the first home for over 84,000 alumni located in the center of campus, across from the Moulton Tower and Alumni Plaza on USA South Drive. 

Julian and Kim MacQueen are elated to be a part of the development and will forever remember the conversation that initiated the addition to their home at South Alabama. 

“It is remarkable, we have dedicated this to the Baha’i faith and I have learned so much from it,” said Julian MacQueen. “We felt like this was the appropriate way to honor it and it changed my life forever.” 

With contributions of over 500 donors, including Julian and Kim MacQueen’s $2 million donations, it took seven years from planning to completion to have the grand opening of the building. 

National Alumni Association President Patrick Dungan emphasized the importance of this historic event. 

“Over the past 57 years, the University has grown and thrived, and our alumni base has expanded across the country and the world,” Dungan said. “Now we have a true home for all of our alumni to visit, to bring their children and grandchildren, and to continue South’s legacy for future generations.” 

In addition to the alumni events, the MacQueen Alumni center will also be available as a venue to its alumni and the community for weddings, corporate events, lectures and meetings.