Young Mobile student helps cancer patients

By: Ebonee Burell | Reporter

After losing her cousin to cancer, Anushka Sikdar created Light the Way, a non-profit organization that provides homemade pillows for children suffering from cancer in Mobile, Alabama.  

“I was inspired to do something in my community,” Sikdar, a sophomore at Alabama School of Math and Science, said.  

Once a month, Light the Way delivers decorative pillows to local hospitals around Mobile County and spend time with suffering patients who may need help getting through difficult times. The pillows help cancer patients undergoing chemo be more comfortable during the process, according to Sikdar.

So far, Light the Way has given over 50 pillows to cancer patients and Sikdar plans to deliver many more with the support from our community. Of the 50 plus donated, 30  pillows were donated to the University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute.

Different charity organizations around Mobile such as Key Clubs, Beta Clubs, Girl Scout troops, Kiwanis Club and 4-H youth organizations haves contributed to help making and donating pillows.

Anushka Sikdar, a sophomore at Alabama School of Math and Science, is the founder and CEO of Light the Way.

Its goal is to provide support for those battling cancer and to bring cancer patients closer to the community.Light the Way has a GoFundMe account to help support the costs of fabric and designs of the pillows. With the help of donations, it will be easier for Light the Way to purchase the supplies needed to create pillows, and the more that is raised, the more pillows that can be made for children battling cancer in Mobile.